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Kat (short for Katarzyna) is very kind, loving and skilled. She is Slavic and Romani. Her readings are conducted in a traditional style. This means she will give you all of the information, good and bad! Old style readings tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear. This is especially powerful, as these readings can help change the course of your life.


 Romani people have been known for centuries for their powerful skills in the spiritual arts. Kat comes by her gifts naturally,  inheriting them from a long line of women with the ability to see beyond the veil. She  has also been taught Tarot and other divination practices, and has been perfecting those practices for over thirty years.  

Kat's witchcraft is also of an old-world approach. She does not subscribe to modern, western ideas of witchcraft, and believes that both the shadow and the light must be explored for people to achieve wholeness. For this reason, Kat rejects the "love & light only" ideology and embraces all aspects of nature, creative and destructive alike.


Despite the powerful and serious nature of her practice, Kat is lovingly referred to by locals as "The Town Witch." She has a good rapport with the Kawartha Lakes community because she is empathic, friendly, and generous with her time and energy.


Kat loves animals and humans alike, and embodies a warm, motherly energy. When you meet with her, she will put you at ease with her genuine, kind nature. You will feel how special her energy is and just how much she truly cares for each and every person she meets.


Readings & Sessions for Real Life Situations

Kat uses several methods of divination including tarot cards, mediumship, and scrying to bring you the accurate and necessary information you need. This is done with care, compassion, spirit guidance, and healing messages.

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