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Traditional Egg Cleanse $111 CAD

An ancient, Slavic practice. Cleanse your body, mind, and spirit from negativity, curses, or evil eye. Clear and re-align your energy. Performed lovingly by Kat, an experienced witch. This ritual is carried out in a safe and comfortable space. Once performed, Kat will crack the egg open and read the yolk for you. This practice is healing, relaxing, and soothing.

Slavic Egg Spells

Old world pysanky spells, written on egg shells. These pieces are custom made for you by Kat. Achieve your goals for abundance, love, fertility, luck, protection, and more. These spells start at $25 and vary in price, depending on your specific needs, and what size shell it is written on. They can be made with traditional symbols and colours, or non-traditional ones. Not only do they provide you with energy and and intention, but they make beautiful decorations and gifts that will last a lifetime.

Bewitched Items

Kat offers a variety of talismans, amulets, pouches, powders, oils, plants, crystals, tinctures, and much more. All of which are customized, worked, and ready for you to use. Each piece that is available will be tailored to your needs specifically. Take the guess work out of your magic, and have an experienced and professional practitioner help you find exactly what you need in order to sway the energies in your favor.

Witchcraft Consults $22 CAD

If you are looking to utilize the help of an advanced practitioner, you have found one. Kat has been perfecting her craft for over 30 years. Whatever you need to achieve, Kat will help you with your goal. Whether it's a simple candle spell or something more complicated. Book your consult with Kat and see why everyone could use a little help from the town witch! *Consults are done exclusively over-the-phone*

2023 Witchcraft

  • Appointments with Kat can be booked online or via phone call. 
  • Payment is required at the time of booking when booking online. To pay later, please call us directly.
  • Bewitched items and spells are sold as services, not goods. You are buying a "working" not a "thing." As such, there are no refunds on spells. They are made custom for you, and therefore can only be used by you. They cannot be returned.

To book online, please click here

To book by phone or text:  705-344-9694

To contact us via email:


We will do our best to accommodate your needs, and take care to answer all of your questions.

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